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Works Everywhere

Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops. Take it with you and you are virtually in the labour room with your patients all the time.

Notifications Everytime

Will remind both you and your team about each and every development in the labour room ensuring that important events are never missed and correctly properly attended to.

Online or Offline

No data lost when you go offline. Saves and syncs data automagically when you reconnect to the internet.

Assistant Friendly

Depute routine monitoring to your assistant and automatically be notified when your presence becomes necessary.


Here are some screenshots to show you Suraksh application in action.

Suraksh screenshot img
Suraksh screenshot img
Suraksh screenshot img
Suraksh screenshot img
Suraksh screenshot img
Suraksh screenshot img
Suraksh screenshot img


Suraksh is a web app for monitoring patients who are in labour. The app helps you record all significant parameters and escalates them when required as the patient progresses through labour. Your entire team is kept abreast of all the proceedings in the labour room and can intervene as and when the situation requires.
Simply sign up for the service on the Signup screen. We will create an account for you and your hospital and get back. You can then add other team members and patient details.
We have a free two month trial. No payment is needed to sign up and start using the service. We also have a free tier for small clinics and non-profit organizations. Paid service is only for successful providers who generate a large patient load.
Several events can generate a notification, such as a patient being admitted, labour data being recorded for a patient or the delivery of the baby. When these events occur, all members of the team are notified.
Several videos are available on youtube to guide you through the use cases of the app. Click on the youtube icon below to go to the channel and subscribe to it. We are also available for telephone and email support.


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